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Wednesday, September 22

Jane Austen Streaming Videos on Netflix

I've become addicted to watching streaming videos from Netflix on my TV or computer. Films that I like take turns in the "Watch Instantly" categories. The following Jane Austen film adaptations can be streamed at present:
Emma, 1972
Pride and Prejudice 1980
Sense and Sensibility 1981
Mansfield Park 1983
Sense and Sensibility 1995
Lost in Austen 2009
Keep checking! The movies take turns, as I found to my utter delight.


Kathleen said...

That is awesome! I'll let my daughter know asap. She will be thrilled!

Alexa Adams said...

I share your addiction. It was Netflix that introduced me to the older Austen adaptation, which I absolutely love.

Anonymous said...

Umm...aren't we forgetting these other instant titles...hehe:
Daniel Deronda
Bleak House
North and South
He Knew He Was Right
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Wives and Daughters
and a ton more...

Vic said...

Anon, Yes, there are plenty more titles, BUT, this is a Jane Austen blog, so ....