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Friday, October 29

Friday Follow: JASNA Meeting, Portland

The Little White Attic provides beautiful images in preparation for her trip to the Jane Austen meeting in Portland, including a glimpse of her gown. Lovely.
Image @Little White Attic

The Oregon Regency Society has done the lion's share of the work organizing this conference. With four chapters in the state -Northwest, Central Valley, Cascade East, and Puget Sound - I am sure they had plenty of help! I am sure that this year's Regency dance will rock! Click on the link in the sidebar to view the schedule of events.

The Oregon Regency Society also has a forum. Click here to share your thoughts with other Janeites.

Laurel Ann describes her first day at the conference on Austenprose.

Diana Birchall's blog post on Light, Bright, and Sparkling! reminds me of my trip to the Oregon Coast years ago.


Lynnae said...

Thanks for mentioning me. I had a magical time and it's hard to get back to reality. I kept my goal of posting every day there, and now that I'm home I hope to get some video up from the ball.
Your fellow Janeite, Lynnae at The Little White Attic.

Laurel Ann said...

Did the Regency Society really do the lion's share of organizing of the Portland conference? I though the local JASNA chapters were responsible, at least they were the ones who were introduced and credited at the AGM.