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Thursday, October 28

Jane Austen Society Members Welcomed to Portland

It's that time of year again for the Jane Austen Society of North America's annual meeting, October 29-31. Pauline Beard (an English professor and Jane Austen scholar) and Susan Schwartz (shown below) were two of the conference's organizers.

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Janeites we know, like Laurel Ann from Austenprose, will be traveling to that fair city today and tomorrow to join in three days of Janeite festivities. For a schedule, click on the link in the sidebar.

Janeites in San Francisco, 2004 @Los Angeles Times photo
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Raquel said...


I see your pea green with envy.

We, in Brazil, say purple with envy, too.

So, I am eggplant purple with envy of those girls!

Kidding... Love for all Janeites in Portland

Oregon Regency Society said...

The Oregon Regency Society welcomes JASNA to our lovely state.

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