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Tuesday, October 5

More Jane Austen Streets

I have written here, on Jane Austen Today, about Jane Austen Street in Sao Paulo, my town. Now, with Google Street View, I have found out some news streets in other countries. I'm sure there must be others. Perhaps in the cities of Jane Austen Today gentle readers, anyone?

Jane Austen Close, UK

A very literary neighborhood! Jane Austen Close, Gaer, Newport, UK

Jane Austen Street, South Africa

Jane Austelaan, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (lane)

Jane Austenstraat, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands (street)

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry,  Jane Austen em Português

Biblioteca Jane Austen
Lendo Jane Austen

Jane Austenpad in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Thank you, Karin, for the tip.


Karin said...

There is also a Jane Austenpad in the city of Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Vic said...

Fabulous, Karin. We will look it up on Google earth.

Raquel said...


I see now, I have written Nederland, Nedherland and Netherland! Shame!

I don´t know how is the correct word... Can you correct the text, please?

PS: I have copied Nederland from Google and the other are my mistake, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

thanks, raquel

Blarney Girl said...

Did a random search here in Houston and voila!, there's a Jane Austen Street over by Rice University. The area is much like Gaer, UK in that it's very literary, also.
Jane Austen Street, Houston, TX

Blarney Girl said...

Hmmmm...not sure why that link didn't take you to the street. In Google maps look for Jane Austen Street, West University Place, TX....if you want. :)

suzan said...

That was fascinating! A topic I hadn't thought to research. I enjoyed it.

Vic said...

Blarney Girl, thank you for the tip. I will place the image on this post tomorrow, as I am out of town and not working on my own computer.