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Monday, October 25

Silent Monday

I took this walk yesterday along the James River with my dog, The last few scenes are of my front and back yards. Can you believe I live within the city limit? I deliberately kept in the sounds of Cody's feet rustling dead leaves, the leaf blower, and bird song.

Not to be outdone, Tony Grant sent me a snapshot of Wimbledon Commons, where he runs.

Tony's Wimbledon Commons run

Autumn plants in the woods


Southerner said...

Thnks for posting my pictures, Vic. Where you live looks absolutely gorgeous. The countryiside in the town, indeed.

Just one thing though. What happened to the commentary? It would have been great to hear your voice.


PS Must do something similar with a commentary. My south coast twang!!! Ha!Ha!Actually, it's not that strong. I've lived in London too long.

Vic said...

Well, I figured it was a silent Monday piece, Tony. I still have to figure out how to edit a commentary into the video. One baby step at a time.

My accent is purely American with a few hard Dutch d's layered in.

Jean at The Delightful Repast said...

Vic, this beautiful little video got my morning off to a fabulous start! Next summer when you're wilting in the heat and humidity, I'll have a little less sympathy for you, knowing that you will have such a glorious autumn. You live in a painting!

Raquel said...

Vic and Tony,

you both have made my day at my dearest, but polluted city!

I am a bit jealous...

love, raquel

Kolein said...

simply gorgeous.

ChaChaneen said...

Sigh... I am lurving your neighborhood. Just lovely!

Nonna Beach said...

Just loved this post...charming !