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Sunday, May 8

Jane Austen Photoshop Throwdown

Gentle readers, We all know how photoshopping has made us wary of the veracity of photographs, causing us to ask: Is what we see real? Or not real? Take Kate Middleton, for instance. We all know she has a spectacularly small waist and slim figure. So why did the magazine editors of Grazia feel the need to photoshop her wedding picture? No wonder 21st century women rarely like their own figures.

Suppose editors had felt that Jennifer Ehle and Kate Winslet were too zaftig to play Lizzie and Marianne respectively? How would you have felt if their fine rounded figures had been artificially thinned?

Lizzie loses weight in front of our eyes, from right to left.

Beautiful Kate stretched and thinned (on the right).
Fair is only fair. Let's reverse the process for Gwynneth's Emma. Heaven only knows how Keira Knightley would look if she had been stretched to a curvier weight.
Gwynnie with full arms and cheeks
This week's question asks: What would Jane Austen have said of photoshopped images? Which answer fits your thoughts best? Perhaps you can think of a more appropriate phrase!

What would Jane have said of photoshopped images?
"I do not think this at all agreeable."
"No one can be esteemed whose vanity stretches the truth."
"Nothing amuses me more than the natural manner in which one regards one's own image."
"I cannot think well of an artificial method that sports with a woman's image."
"I have few pretensions, for I rather like myself." free polls


Nonna Beach said...

I thought this one: "No one can be esteemed whose vanity stretches the truth." was perfect and something I could imagine Jane Austen actually saying !

Southerner said...

From the very first photographs they have been manippullated. Photography is a way of seeing, a way of communicationg and can be an art form. The photograph is totally in the control of the person taking it. Photoshop just gives the photographer more options. I use Photoshop nowadays to adapt the exposure, manipulate the colours, choose the bit of the photograph i want and resize. The framing and focus of the photograph I do in my head and by using the camera controls. Photography is an amazing tool. It's a lot more than just a bit of reality.It's an opinion and the result of many choices and views.

Enid Wilson said...

One of my friends refused to watch 1995 P&P because she said JE was too fat. I think my friend is too dumb.

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DangAndBlast! said...

I've heard more comments the other way - that the main reason the guys would agree to watch regency films is the bosoms, and that Keira Knightley had none to speak of, which was very disappointing.