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Saturday, December 31

Countdown to 2012: The Five Jane Austen Related Books I Most Enjoyed Reading in 2011. #'s 3, 4 - Tea With Jane Austen and In the Garden With Jane Austen

I had the pleasure of reading In the Garden with Jane Austen and Tea with Jane Austen, both written by Kim Wilson. The books have been out for quite a few years, but the publisher has reissued new copies. Both books contain fine color photographs, contemporary illustrations, historical information that flesh out the Regency era, and personal information about Jane Austen that make them more than what they seem on the surface.

Had these books been newly published this past year, I would have rated them #1 and #2 respectively. You can visit to read the first few pages of both books. After you do so, I am positive you will quickly purchase them and read them right away

See my giveaway of In the Garden With Jane Austen here.

Happy New Year all! Have a safe and wonderful evening!


Melody said...

These are delightful books. I loved the list of estates used in Jane Austen films at the back of In the Garden with Jane Austen!
Tea with Jane Austen was my favorite.

MomWaldsPlace said...

Oooh, one of my favorites and another to discover. Thank you for a fun way to start 2012. Happy New Year and Blessings to You and Yours!