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Friday, January 6

Free Bookmarks: A Belated Holiday Gift to Use Year Round

Gentle readers, blogger Josie from Hey Little Birdie! sent this link on December 21st. Reading my backlog of emails, I stumbled across this unexpected gift. She has designed Pride and Prejudice bookmarks to download and print on card stock paper. What a wonderful gift for book club members and Janeites!

Here is the link. Thank you, Josie!!


Nancy Kelley said...

The Pemberley bookmark has been corrected now--huzzah! Thanks for the link, Vic.

Vic said...

Nancy, Thank you. I love these bookmarks and will be sure to use them for my friends. Thank you so much!


Sophia Rose said...

Thanks for the share and thanks for creating them Josie!

I'll be checking them out.