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Friday, March 23

Follow Friday: Regency Servants

Regency Reader offers information about Household Staff. Click here to learn more about the hierarchy of Servant Staff in great households.


Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Vic, I can see I'm definitely understaffed (well, not staffed at all, truth be told). Of all the visions this post could conjure up, for some reason I'm stuck on a vision of my husband with a valet! I can't stop laughing--I can see it now: "Sir, may I help you on with your sneakers? Here, let me just brush that bit of lint off your sweatshirt. Perhaps you would allow me to clean your cap, sir?"

Anne Glover said...

Thanks so much for the FF!

I think my husband would love a valet, but would most likely argue about the correct shining of his boots.