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Thursday, March 22

This Librarian Has Yet to Read a Jane Austen Novel

Kelly at Stacked makes a confession: She has yet to finish a Jane Austen novel. Unbelievable as this may seem, this librarian has only completed 40 pages of Sense and Sensibility. That's it!
Eye am not amused. Image @Jane Austen Today
She writes:
Confession: I have not read any Jane Austen. Actually, I take that back. I've been sitting about 40 pages in Sense and Sensibility for over a year now, and I read one of Austen's short stories. I took a class in Victorian Lit (see the Anne Bronte book above) and had one of my favorite professors, who told me that if I wanted to start somewhere with Austen, to read her short story "Lady Susan." "Lady Susan" was the only thing Austen ever wrote that she hated and wished she hadn't written, so of course I read it. It's dark! I loved it! But after that, I never found myself compelled to finish a novel of hers. I've got copies of Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and, yes, The Complete Works of Jane Austen on my book shelf. They've been great dust collectors.

DUST collectors? Why not go over to Kelly's blog and let her know what she's been missing! Here's the link.


Mac n' Janet said...

Hard to imagine! I've read, reread, and read yet again her books and short stories. Sense and Sensibility is probably my favorite and if a librarian can't enjoy the writing and characters of this book I wonder how much she knows or understands writing.

Nonna Beach said...

Wow...brave to admit considering the credentials she has to operate as a librarian...she must have used Cliff Notes in High School and college !!!

Diane said...
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Diane said...

Wow... I always have one or the other volume of Jane Austen's Complete Works on my nightstand for whenever I don't have another, more current novel to read. I am in the middle of Northanger Abbey right now. I'd feel lost without my Jane!

*maren* said...

Sorry, but: stupid girl. There are so many excellent works on her list, and she even doesnt know what she is missing.
in general: i cannot say something isnt worth to read if i havent done before.

Jack Caldwell said...

And you wonder why so many books in the library stink.

Brooke said...

I'm a big Jane Austen fan...but I'm pretty appalled by the comments suggesting that someone can't do a job that requires a Masters' without reading a particular author they enjoy. Librarianship is more about customer service and less about reading all the classics.