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Friday, June 22

Willoughby Knocked Off

Gentle readers: I have been remiss in adding posts to this blog due to a busy schedule. My Jane Austen friend in Brazil, Raquel Sallaberry of Jane Austen em Português, has come to the rescue! She has sent in a  picture of her mischievious cat, Mr. Donnie D.

This post is for those of us who abhor Mr. Willoughby. Now we can all feel vindicated! 

When cornered by the spotlights (well.. a persevering Nikon camera), my Mr. Donnie D bumped into John Willoughby.  I can swear he meowed, "I could meet him no other way." 

Should I rename my fine feline Colonel Brandon?

Mr. D versus Mr. W


Maria Grazia said...

This is a lovely one! :D

Christine Adams said... wonders, if you truly hold Mr. willoughby in disdain, why you have his portrait at all?

Raquel said...

Maria Grazia,

he (yes, to me he is human!) is my little love.

Raquel said...


I must confess... I like Willoughby!

TONY said...

Raquel is that your bottle of, Vin de Constance, on the shelf in the first picture?

Hope you are well, All the best, Tony