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Sunday, November 11

Pride & Prejudice Film Festival

Create your own free marathon Pride & Prejudice film festival in the comfort of your home!
Setting: Your computer. Food: Champagne on ice and chocolate truffles. Clothing: Your jammies.

  • Pride & Prejudice, 1995, all 36 clips in six parts.
  • Pride & Prejudice, 2005, 12 YouTube clips
  • Pride & Prejudice: A Latter Day Comedy, 2003, 12 YouTube clips plus trailer (you will need your hanky if you like your Jane Austen pure and old-fashioned.)
  • Pride & Prejudice, 1980, all 25 YouTube clips. (Darcy is handsome but stiff, and Lizzie's clothes are frumpy. But it's still fun to watch.)
  • Pride & Prejudice, 1940, all YouTube clips in glorious black and white noncolor. (you will need your hanky try cry or laugh in if you want your Jane Austen plot faithfully followed.)
Where found: On my side bar (easy) or YouTube (find it yourself). Enjoy them for as long as they are available, or purchase your own DVD's. I admit I own all but two of these videos.

Here's a scene from Bride and Prejudice. Fun!


Lady Jane said...

Excellent idea, Ms. Place! What a perfect day! :) I'm curious, which two do you not own?


Ms. Place said...

I do not own Pride and Prejudice: A Comedy, and the 2005 P&P. I am waiting for that one to sell at a bargain price.

In addition to the above, I own all the BBC JA videos, even the excruciatingly awful 1983 version of Northanger Abbey, and the modern versions of Emma and Sense and Sensibility. I would love to purchase the Amanda Root version of Persuasion, but thanks to Cable on Demand I have seen the movie around 7 times.

Ms. Place said...

S'cuse, the 86 version of N.A. I have never seen it to completion. Back in 1998 I paid around $40 for the video. Bad purchase.

Lady Jane said...

They are putting out a special edition of P&P 2005 on Tuesday. I love that version. :) I would love to have the Amanda Root version of Persuasion on dvd, but only have it on tape, which I bought used last summer. It is a beautiful film! I have P&P 1995, Emma 1996, S&S 1995, and Bride & Prejudice, plus I taped P&P 1940 off the tv (I loved Lawrence Olivier as Mr. Darcy). I can't remember if I have anything else.

Such fun! :)

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