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Wednesday, March 11

Little Dorrit is Coming to PBS Masterpiece Classic

Matthew Macfadyen plays the hero, Arthur Clennam. Claire Foy is the perfect Little Dorrit, and Tom Courtenay makes a rare television appearance as William Dorrit, who lords it over others in debtor's prison. This PBS adaptation starts March 29 on PBS and ends April 26, 2009.
If you have not read Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit, and have no time to pick up a book, you can listen to this fascinating tale in audio format. Click here to enter the Naxos Audiobooks website and order the unabridged or abridged versions.

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Jack Bennett said...

Little Dorrit is my favorite Dickens book. Vastly superior to the more widely read "Tale of Two Cities" and "Oliver Twist". I've seen several of the episodes already (but will watch it again) and have to give kudos to Andrew Davies for making such a huge book entertaining without changing too much.