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Sunday, March 7

Jane Austen Movie Throwdown

This week we will ask a two-part question. One today and one tomorrow.

Which of the two BAFTA winners stands the best chance of winning an Oscar tonight? Colin Firth or Carey Mulligan?

Colin Firth (as Mr. Darcy above) was nominated for Actor in a Leading Role, A Single Man

Carey Mulligan (as Kitty Bennet above) was nominated for Actress in a Leading Role, An Education

Most likely to win an Oscar
Colin Firth
Carey Mulligan
Neither free


Nonna Beach said...

Colin Firth since he is more recognized and has a larger body of work to stand on.

I understand the goodie bags the presenters and nominees are getting this year are worth in excess of $85,000 or so the rumors go...pretty nice compensation even if they don't win !!!

Trish said...

I think Colin deserves it, but voted neither because I don't think he will get it.